hi guys. i’ve decided to stop my nature blog. not many people are active on tumblr anymore (like me). i guess i’m too lazy to update. also school and many other stuff have taken a huge toll on me and….. i don’t know anymore. 

i’ll still be on my personal blog (ironic, i know. i’m still here.) you could ask me for it, or you could still talk to me on/off tumblr ( i don’t think you want to anyway). 

from the bottom of my heart, the only happiness i receive now, besides from my parents, are from you guys. i feel so comfortable talking to all of you. i feel accepted, appreciated, etc but knowing you guys are miles away…. :(

anyway thank you for everything that you guys have given me. love, experiences, help, etc. 
i’m still gonna view (ahemstalkahem) your blogs hehe cuz i still love nature posts. 
i love you all :* wishing you all the best in your future. may you always stay happy, smile always.